Hey lovelies! I can’t believe its October already! Wishing you nothing but love in this new month.  

First I want to start by saying a very big thank you to all of you for all the love and support showed towards me and my blog.  I see all the comments and I must say it means a lot, and guess what? Thareal90s is 3 months old already… So today, I will be sharing with you guys 7 thing you don’t know about me…. Don’t worry guys, I will keep the crazy for another time. Okay time to get serious now.

1.      Family and school: I came from a family of 6 (Three girls, one boy). I’m the second child. I am also studying chemistry in school and I will  like to be a pharmacist. I want to be able to give back to the society, show love to my roots and make a difference in the world.

2.      I’m a professional Hairstylist. That was my first love before fashion. I can vividly recall begging my siblings to make their hair and they turned me down while I was still an apprentice. Right now they pick tallies, I don’t mean to brag! Lol.

3.      Favorite colors are white and black.  Definitely going to be seeing a lot of that on the blog.

4.      I can be obnoxious, miss don’t take bullshit with razor blade mouth but funny enough I’ve never been involve in a girls fight. I keep the class 100%

5.      Like I said in one of my previous post, I’m scared of Dogs. I also cannot  swim to save my life and I definitely have phobia for height. The two times I flew on the plane, my experience was terrible, I was throwing up.(shame! Shame! Shame!)

6.       I’m not the typical fairytale girl that believes in Kristen bell kind of prince charming coupled that frozen big wedding where Queens and kings dine while I dance with my bobo. C’mon I will be fluttered. Lol

7.      My dream vacation would be Mykonos(Greece) dawn! I can’t stress how much I’ve dreamed of myself on the beach with oysters and red wine.

 I had so much fun putting this together. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love you guys……

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