Hey guys! I know have been MIA for a while now, school work has been taking most of my time but i’m still here.  Fall being one of my favorite season brings endless style inspiration and the little details makes all the difference. That being said, i’ll like to show you all some of my fall essentials. Even though i wasn’t able to capture all of them on here, let’s talk about a few. 

1. Boots are the number one essential a lady needs in her wardrobe for fall. Recently i have been lusting over velvet boots-long, short, ankle boots. It has that rich luxe fabric that reminds me of the ultimate 90s. Even though i don’t own any in my closet right now (sad face), i think it’s a thumbs up from me. Boots in general adds a little edginess to an outfit especially when paired with ripped jeans.

2. Jackets: There are different kinds of jacket to wear that can Spice ones look. Talk about Trench coats, longline sweaters and bikers jacket, Nothing says fall like a classic trench coat because it’s a transitional piece. Trench coats are very comfortable and very easy to layer with. The most common colors for trench during fall are black, khaki, camel and navy blue and olive green reason been that darker color absorb more moisture and dirt. I personally think that owning trench or longline sweater is the bomb. com. All thanks to my mother for gifting me her old vintage jacket.

3. Utility Jacket/ bomber: These two go hand in hand because it’s perfect for any casual day outing. it’s so chic. As a student, my utility jacket has been through thick and thin with me. Trust me when i say that because i wear it like almost every day. 

4. My black and white bag is a timeless piece that can also be use in any season and pretty much to any occasion. i like the bag a lot because it can fit all basic outfit and it’s comfortable to travel with.

Side Note: i know people have different preferences when it comes to lipstick during fall, i like darker lipsticks better and sometimes red.

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Bag || Asos

Glossy boot || Public desire

Boot with print || Gifted (Michael Antonio)

Lipstick || Mac





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