Hi guys! A beautiful cozy Monday to you all. I hope you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving? Cos I sure hell did. I know have been MIA for a while and that’s because the school year is almost rounding up and exams are just around the corner (the struggle).

So today’s outfit was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers. Her name is Ada of Noordinaryshe. I love this lady and her sense of style. She’s beautiful, bold and a risk taker. she has no clue that I’m a huge fan, (well now she knows). I could go all day writing about how many times I stalk her Instagram page but anyways she’s dope like that.

A little bit on this outfit, so I saw this dress online and decided to own one. Unfortunately, the dress wasn’t exactly the way I pictured it when it arrived. I didn’t know exactly how to dress it up and I had looked at different bloggers who had the same dress but they didn’t look like what I would wear. I wanted something very unique. Then, like manner from heaven, I came across Ada’s picture on Instagram with the very same dress I had been trying to style and I knew I had to recreate her look. Since I’m crushing on her anyways (No HOMO).  


Fur Jacket || Forever 21

Dress || H&M

Bag || Thrifted

Accessories || Forever 21

Boots || Public desire

similar here-

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