Hey lovelies! How y'all been doing? It's been a minute.

Recently, I went through my dad's closet to look for whatever and I came across this tribal top that is well over 20 years.


Looking fancy or dressing cute is one out of many things your body needs to look healthy, develop, and feel more youthful. So for us to accomplish this, we have to put our body through the right cleanliness and by so doing this, we need to take great care of our self, be aware of what goes into our body and be in the right frame of mind. In this post, I'm going to share with you guys few tips to get on.


Hey guys! How was the holiday? I hope you guys had a splendid time with friends and families? While everyone was out enjoying the holiday, i had the chance to do another look with my friend Emmanuel. 


Hey guys! can you believe we are in 2017 already?  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Champagne chilling, hennessy popping , New Resolutions are being made and  a fresh new Chapter for everyone. Make this year count, do right and make love a circle.  To the business of the dayToday's look is featuring one of my favorite persons … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!