A beautiful morning everyone. Starting my week swell in neutral monochrome. If someone had told me years back that I would be adding neutral colors to my closet, I will bluntly deny it because it has never been my color but here I am slaying in them (lol). I guess neutral is the new black for me. I found this really cute blazer online at H&M for a really good deal, i mean what’s not to love about sales. I’m a fan believer in low budgeting (Topic for another day).

Anyways I thought this outfit will be cool for an easy office style choice. More to the reason I love this look is that it’s the perfect fit to avoid morning dilemmas on what to wear to work. Its very simple and clean coupled with the fact that it’s matched with my most loved culotte pants and my mum’s old Liz Claiborne bag since my parent’s wardrobe is my most favorite place to dig out some 90’s look.

Share your thoughts and comment on the look. Have a blissful week. 


Blazer || H&M || sold out || Similar Here-

Pant || Asos || sold out || Similar Here-

Shoe || JCPenny || sold out || Similar Here-

Bag || Liz claiborne 

Accessories || Zara

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