Happy new month guys! This year is going really fast and knowing that it’s 14 days to spring is very exciting. I’m looking forward to warmer days but before it comes, I decided to finally share this overdue pictures from a previous shoot.

I took this pictures last year December and I kept asking myself why I haven’t shared it yet.(I don’t know). Moving on, this outfit, I actually stumbled upon this jumpsuit when I went thrift shopping and I got it for just three dollars (now that’s a huge steal). Even though it was a little over sized, I bought and made some adjustment to it. Like I tell most of my friends, ain’t nothing wrong about thrift shopping, you just gotta look hard and get the right stuff.

 Thrift shopping to me is a way of bargaining, you know cutting down on some high end expensive stuff. I like to be realistic with my viewers and readers,  its okay to go thrift shopping. Some brand new items come in handy sometimes. For this look, I took a chance with dark colors, from my lipstick to my turtleneck and shoes. It was a good day for me as you can see from the pictures, I’m showing my entire 32 which is quite rare for me to do and let us have a moment of silence and appreciate how my highlight is popping. Days like this is what I look forward to when shooting for the blog.

Share your thoughts and comments with me down below. Lots of Love.

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit ||Thrifted

Turtleneck || Asos

Shoe || Payless

Accessories || Asos

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