Hello there! it’s been awhile on here.  I have been a little bit under the weather and to make matters worse, school work and allergies aren’t a good mix but not to worry, I’m back and doing better than before. So today I will be sharing with you all my first beauty tips. I mean who doesn’t like a beauty post? Yeah I thought so too. I have a made a list of my must have beauty product for spring, oya let’s get to it


With each season comes its own foundation. After months of harsh, dry winter weather, it’s only fair for our skin to feel alive again. so it’s  time to put away those heavy foundation of yours and get you a lightweight foundation for a natural glow. With spring blooming, it is advisable to wear dewy foundations that hydrate your face and give the skin it’s true radiance. Like I always say, looking good doesn’t have to break the bank, so I usually get drugstore brands like Black Opal, BB cream, Fit me Maybelline foundation, Revlon and trust me, they work like magic.

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When it comes to lipstick, we all know matte is the NEW NEW. Lip colors like orange, pink, red, magenta, gloss and natural lip color are the trend setters and these colors instantly give the lips a brightening effect that last all day.  This is not to say that you have to stick to this lip colors here, you can rock whatever makes you beautiful.

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Nothing else screams spring like a bold pigmented eye palette. Vibrant hue colors like fuschia pink, orange, hot red and purple was the highlight on the runway for spring collection. Truth be told, I usually don’t rock loud colors on my face, I like to play safe with neutral colors but I’m willing to give bold colors a try. what’s the worst that can happen? Look like a masquerade? lol. just joking. Practice at home before giving it a go outside.

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What’s not to love about a good highlighter in spring. it add a finish natural glow to your face.

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Exfoliating is key if you want to have a true radiance skin because it helps removes the old skin cells that makes your skin look dull, rough and dry. Exfoliation gives you that baby glow, fresh and healthy feeling.

Shea Moisture- Raw Shea Butter (Facial Wash Scrub) is my favorite right now and good old coconut oil on your face doesn’t hurt at all.

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Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin helps maintain its balance, If your skin is too dry or oily, you can break out in acne. Moisturizing can also reduce the appearance of blemishes. My number one go to moisturizing cream is the African Black Soap – Shea Moisture.

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