Welcome back people! It’s a beautiful Monday morning and I’m super excited knowing fully well it’s going to be a great week (The lord told me so). Unto the koko ( real gist ) and you guys know my outfit always come with a story.

So yesterday, I got ready for church in the same exact outfit except that the my pants were pink and I wore black high heeled sandals. On getting to church I discovered the pants had torn from my hips down to my knee (shame! shame!! shame!!!), mind you it’s a brand new pant. I had to go back home and change into the pants in the picture and I decided to change my shoes too and add a few accessories like the brooch. So there you have it, my day doesn’t always goes as planned but yeah I stay slaying. lol


White shirt || Thrifted

Pant || Zara

Sandal || Zara

Black choker || zara

Gold choker || Asos

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