Happy new month everyone! It’s funny how the year is almost over and it still feels like it just started. 

So one of the largest holidays celebrated in America is the 4th of July and I’m celebrating it with some blue, white and red. I decided to do an American color inspired outfit. This fit is probably too much for a bar-be-que party but nothing is ever too much when you got too much juice and sauce to slay the heck out of the fit. (lol)

Thank you all so much for the love I received on my last post. You guys are the real MVPs.

Enjoy the barbeques, hot dogs and fireworks, y’all know July 4th isn’t complete without the fire works. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! 



Top || Misguided

Skirt || Asos

Bag || Zara

Shoe || Jcpenny

Accesories || Aldo

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