College life sucks! but then it has its interesting and moments. From making friends, to parties, drama, exams and etc. 

 I constantly remind myself not to take things too personal. I believe the days that come with drama is part of a normal life/college experience. Personally, it’s easy for me to get caught up in the struggles (yeye web) of school and realize I really don’t have friends at school except my sister. The crazy thing about being a college student  for me is that over the last two years, I have had to change roommates every semester and that has made me question myself a lot these days, is it really me or them? I’m I not accommodating enough? so many things go through my mind.

I have finally come to understand that life always throws us different challenges and tries so hard to make us think less of ourselves but always remember you are in control of your own emotions and don’t let nothing or nobody make you think any different. 


Hat || H&M

Top || Zara

Bag || Asos

Pant || forever 21

Shoe || Zara

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