Top of the morning to you all! I’m trusting you all had a fantastic weekend? Mine was great. 

Today on the blog, I will be taking you all for a little ride with me to Paris. As you can see this outfit has a french style vibe to it. After making my research, the one thing I discovered about a Parisian lady is that a comfortable/laid back style seems to be their everyday look but in a very sophisticated way.

So for this look, I kept my look and location very minimal and modern. Simplicity is a everyday style in Paris which is what I came up with this look, it only made sense to add some of the key trends for this year’s fall which are berets, plaid skirts and the color red. 

This look for me is a way of pushing beyond my style boundaries and also creating a balance between a modern style and a french it-girl.

As my top says “Girl Power” I hope you have the power to rule over this week!

Drop your comment below if you think i nailed this look. Thanks for stopping by.



Top || Forever 21

Skirt || H&M

Shoe || Zara 

Beret || Forever 21

Accessories || Asos

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