Happy Tuesday everyone!

Diving into the look of the day, it wasn‘t until late last year i discovered that my closet was full of monochrome. So i asked myself, what is life without colors? I mean its not possible to like the same color for such a long time because my outward appearance is evolving. Dont get me wrong, I’m still the girl that match in solitude for black women in my black and white but what is the world without the trees and ocean to give it the ravishing colors but not to digress i’ve been into colors as of late and i’m loving it.

So, with my new self expression for colors comes a bright orange turtleneck top that has a texture rich looks paired with a leather skirt and a slogan sock boot. This look is eye catching and clean. With color this popping, you can either tone it down, mix with prints or wear solo, you make the rules.

Thanks for stoping by today. Love this look? Drop your coment down below.


Top & Skirt || H&M

Boot || Zara

Bag || Forever 21

Accessories || Asos

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