As I stood in front of this building taking pictures with this quotes, it reminded me of what I need to tell myself. Those words are a reflection of what I went through last year with friendship, trust and family. It’s a bit challenging for me to trust anybody like i would love to but i’m dealing with it in the best possible way. Minding my business, drinking more water and letting go of all my worries is the goal for 2018. Yeah! it sounds too cliche but happiness is truly a state of mind for me.

     With only a day left to the end Of this month, I can only say that January has been an excerpt of how i would like my year to be. Blogging has been a lot more fun and I’m far from complaining. With all that said, can we talk about this outfit that made me look like the female version of 007. 

     It was a perfect summer day in winter and i had to seize the opportunity since the weather can’t seemed to make up its mind. I had worn this outfit sometimes last year and i thought to share it on the blog. You know what they say, life is sweeter as an outfit repeater. I’m a huge fan of palazzo pants just because it elongates my legs and i feel very tall in it (short girls problem). I added a black draped bodysuit top with a hint of gold accessories, its the perfect mix of chic and high fashion trendy. 

Thanks for stopping by and please do leave me a honest feedback. 


Top || Zara

Pant || Asos

Hat || H&M

Earrings || Aldo

Sandal heels || Oldie

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