...but nothing is ever too much when you got too much juice and sauce to slay the heck out of the fit. (lol)


This Asos dress is fifty shades of sexy in all the right places and it's only a matter of time before my mother who happens to be...


Hey guys, it's the second day of summer! (Yay!!!!!!) Although it's been looking like summer all week long with the way sun has been burning one's destiny, everything feels hot yet perfect and beautiful.


This fit is so me, I'ts just the perfect combo from the deep V neck cut that shows a little cleavage, to the A shape cut at the back that also shows the fine lines of my back and...


I decided to try something different and channel in a different culture. This outfit has an Asian vibe to it from the hut I'm standing in to the...


So its been a while since we've posted anything on the blog and that is because we have been extremely busy coming up with new and more fun ideas for the blog, but we are back now and ready to go.

So I've mentioned in a previous post that my friend got me to start thrifting....


Recently my partner in crime/blog got me hip to thrifting which has been quite an interesting adventure because I haven't been quite a fan of thrift stores and you all know there is always a story behind my fits so here goes... 


Welcome back people! It's a beautiful Monday morning and I'm super excited knowing fully well it's going to be a great week (The lord told me so). Unto the koko ( real gist ) and you guys know my outfit always come with a story.


This get-away is one to treasure forever because spending time with the most amazing and down to earth group of people means a lot to me and it's totally WORTH IT!!!

I'm not going to bore you with stories but I'll rather share a few pictures I took while on vacation.


Enjoy your weeks spring breakers and all the working class people, I wish you a blessed and stress free week.


I actually stumbled upon this jumpsuit when I went I went thrift shopping and I got it for just three dollars (now that's a huge steal). Even though it was a little over sized, I bought  and made some adjustment to it. Like I tell most of my friend, ain't nothing wrong about thrift shopping, you just gotta look hard and get the right stuff.


A beautiful morning everyone. Starting my week swell in neutral monochrome. If someone had to me years back that I would be adding neutral colors to my closet, I will bluntly deny it because it has never been my color but here I am slaying in them


Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend? Mine was great!

Today I'm beginning my week in this ice blue tailored crepe suit and pant. Have had this outfit sitting in my closet for over a year.( I don't  know why?)


Y'all know that one dead blouse in your mum's closet that you can't believe she bought with her money but one day as fate will have it, I decided to bring that blouse to life.